Nic's New Zealand Nature: Invaders

Nic's New Zealand Nature: Invaders
by Rod Morris, Nicola Vallance

New Zealand is under attack! The ‘invaders’ of the title are the animals from overseas that have made New Zealand their home – often by human hand and usually with disastrous consequences for the local wildlife. Some of the best-loved newcomers are the worst offenders – cats, mice, hedgehogs, dogs, possums – and between them they have snuffed out untold numbers of native animals and plants.

This book dishes out home truths and fascinating insights that will encourage children to take a fresh look at the environment and how to protect it. The book also features approximately 100 full-colour photographs.

This title is the first in a new series of books for 9--14-year-olds, using a fresh approach to present major themes in animal ecology and behaviour.

Format: PB
ISBN - 10:  
ISBN - 13:   978-1-86966-209-7
RRP: $21.00

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