The Garden Organic Book of Compost

The Garden Organic Book of Compost
by Pauline Pears

In recent times, people have become much more ecologically aware and also keener to minimize their carbon footprint. This, coupled with the pressure from governments to recycle household waste, means that creating and using garden compost is becoming almost essential knowledge.

This book is aimed at people with and without gardens who want to recycle their kitchen and garden waste in the most environmentally efficient manner, as well as anyone who wants to use compost to improve their garden. Covering all types of composting method, including worm composting and woody heaps, it gives gardeners all the information they need about starting to make their own compost, storing it and using it. Information on different types of compost what they consist of, what they are good for and how they are best stored is given, before moving on to explore in detail how to create your own compost. Case studies cover different circumstances, such as composting on a balcony or in a back yard, composting with children, composting in the office etc. Trouble shooting advice will accompany each section, as well as FAQs and health and safety issues.

A truly practical book on how to make and use a rich, fertile soil for growing healthy, beautiful fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Format: LP
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ISBN - 13:   9781847734372
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